Compressed Air Systems, Air Line Pipe

Air Delivery System

A PROFESSIONAL, COST EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT compressed air delivery system is GUARANTEED by using Pilot Air’s STATE OF THE ART ‘Quick Line’  ALUMINIUM air line and QUICK FIT joiners, brackets and manifolds.

Pilot Air Compressors has partnered with Aircom srl, Italy's leading manufacturer and specialist in compressed air delivery systems.

Aircom is an energy distribution specialist and focuses purely on innovative and exceptional quality piping, fittings and distribution systems. Pilot Air Compressors is proud to be associated with this progressive, state of the art industrial design & manufacturing company.

The hugely flexible QUICKLINE system is highly adaptable and capable of integrating into existing air distribution systems. This corrosion free, UV resistant, professional system will ensure a quality result, professional appearance and ongoing energy cost savings.

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